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The Top 5 Antivirus Security Software on Amazon 2022

best anti virus software available on amazon amazing cheap deals

The annual data breach reports reveal that the overall compromises and reported incidents are 68% higher in 2021 compared to that in 2020. In 2022, a soaring 13% increase in ransomware attacks has been reported — more than the Read more

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How to prevent spoofing of your personal email address

how to prevent the spoofing of your personal or business email address

 “What exactly is email spoofing, how does it occur, and why is it so damaging to your business? We’ll go over everything you need to know to protect your business and your clients.”

When a scammer creates an Read more

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How to stop spam emails

How to prevent spammers scammers and hackers from accessing your personal email address

Spam emails are junk notifications that you receive into your inbox.  Typically, they are sent out in bulk from all over the world and blindly target both personal and professional email accounts.

Often these spam messages can contain Read more

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How do spammers get my email address? What can I do to prevent spam?

how do spammers get my personal email address and what can i do to protect myself

How Do Spammers Get My Email Address And How Can I Stop It?

How Do Spammers Get My Email Address And How Can I Stop It?

You open your inbox and are confronted (sometimes bombarded) with random messages from Read more

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Why Are My Emails Going to the Recipient’s Spam?

Why Are My Emails Going to the Recipient’s Spam

There is no denying that spam emails are annoying and dangerous, hence the spam filter. But spam filter can become the villain of the story when it catches the legitimate emails you sent your friends, colleagues, or clients and Read more

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How To Stop Legitimate Emails Going into Your Spam or Junk Folder

how to stop legitimate real email from going into your spam or junk email folder

“But I never got your email!”

We have all faced a situation where we didn’t receive an important email we were supposed to get, only to find it weeks later in our spam box. And it goes without saying Read more

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What Are the Most Secure Email Providers Of 2021?

What is the best email provider for security

What are the most secure email providers that will help to protect you from cyber attacks in 2021?

As a general rule, secure email providers offer end-to-end encryption, supports 2FA, and allow the user to import existing emails and Read more

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Don’t Post Your Email Address on Facebook and LinkedIn: Here’s Why!

Dont post your email address on facebook or linkined - here's why

Can I post my email address on Facebook and LinkedIn?

No. But why?

Posting your email address on Facebook and LinkedIn, or any other public platform increases the chance of spamming and phishing attacks. If you need to connect Read more

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How to Setup a Secure Email Address That’s Safe from Day One…

How to Setup a Secure Email Address That's Safe from Day One

In the online world, privacy has become a privilege. We’re communicating sophisticated information via email that is almost open for the whole world to see. In addition, an insecure email address can cost you a great deal with recurring Read more

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Block Spam Email on Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo & Apple Mail

Step by step Guide on How to Block Spam Email on Outlook Gmail Yahoo & Apple Mail 2

Receiving loads of spam and unwanted emails can overwhelm email users in many different ways. Firstly, they clutter your inbox. Second, junk emails contain malicious threats, such as malicious attachments and links to steal personal data and harm your Read more

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Be very careful of the ‘unsubscribe’ button

Unsubscribing caused me to get more spam and be targetted by more hackers

Be very careful clicking the “Unsubscribe” button/link – here’s why!


“Surprisingly, it isn’t safe to unsubscribe from spam emails this way — in fact, some scammers rely on your click to access Read more

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At What Age Should a Child Have Their First Email Address?

At What Age Should a Child Have Their First Email Address?

As a parent, you should ensure your child’s online safety with just as much scrutiny and priority as their offline safety. In today’s world, having an email account is necessary from a young age. But you should be careful Read more

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8 Clever Ways to Reduce Spam Emails in Your Inbox

8 eight steps to reduce email spam - take action today to reduce email spamming scammers and hackers

If you have an email address, the odds of you encountering spam emails on a regular basis are pretty high. These spam emails are annoying, clutters up the inbox, and worst of all, they can be dangerous. But there Read more

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Clicked On a Suspicious Email Link? Here Is How to Stay Safe

I’ve clicked on an email link from an unknown sender – should I be worried

Avoiding clicking on links in emails from an unknown sender is part of email security 101. However, people are prone to mistakes, and like many others, you may be panicking about clicking on a suspicious email link. So, what Read more

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Are Messaging Apps More Secure Than Email? Top 4 Apps Reviewed

Email vs messenger applications like signal messenger and whatsapp - which is more secure for business?

Emails remain the most frequently used communication tool even in 2021. However, other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram are also on the rise for professional and personal use. But when it comes to security, there Read more

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How to reduce email virus and malware transmission

How to reduce email virus and malware transmission


“An email virus is composed of malicious code that is disseminated in email messages, and this code can be executed when a user opens an email attachment or engages / responds to an Read more

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James Veitch Recommends Responding to Spam Emails: Should You Take His Advice?

James Veitch we dont recommend that you follow his advice on responding to spammers

In a 2015 TED talk, James Veitch, the comedian and writer, shows a hilarious conversation with “Solomon” the spammer, about a gold shipping business. When I first watched that video, I laughed harder than I would like to admit Read more

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Which SMTP Port Should You Use to Make Your Email Connection Secure?

The SMTP ports you should use to make your email connection secure?

What SMTP port should I use?

Is one SMTP port better than the other?

When configuring a mail system or an app, these are the most common questions people ask. You might see most people suggesting 25, 465, 587, Read more

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Got Malware? Here’s how you can remove it effectively and safely.

how to safely remove malware from your mac or pc computer

Malware refers to malicious software designed to do damage or unwanted action to a computer. Malware only exists to exploit your personal data or do harm.  It can also be used to take control of your device and Read more

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I Keep Getting Spam Emails: What Are My Options?

I keep getting spam emails - what are my options

No matter how annoying spam emails are, we all find a few in our inboxes sometimes. However, aggressive spamming, where you get multiple spam emails inside your inbox, is a matter of concern for email security.

You can take Read more

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