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One of the aims of sniff.email is to provide solutions, tools and information that help individuals protect themselves against spam and other digital threats.  Our aim to provide insights that help you to keep your email and digital data secure from hackers.  Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method to avoid all risks; there are however things you can (and should) do to increase your protection on and offline.  A scammer or hacker will use your email or digital data to gain access to sensitive information such as your personal files, bank logins or other information to assist their aims of stealing your identity.  Additionally, hackers and scammers (even spammers) often have a malicious intent, such as to send you a file that contains viruses or malware.  The techniques scammers use are become more and more sophisticated and convincing - so you have to be extra careful.  If you can avoid them gaining access to your email address, or digital data in the first place that is vital (prevention is most definately better than the cure in this scenario)  - you can find out where your email address is openly exposed on the internet here.

What is the best email provider for security

What Are the Most Secure Email Providers Of 2021?

What are the most secure email providers that will help to protect you from cyber attacks in 2021? As a general rule, secure email providers …

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Dont post your email address on facebook or linkined - here's why

Don't Post Your Email Address on Facebook and LinkedIn: Here's Why!

Can I post my email address on Facebook and LinkedIn? No. But why? Posting your email address on Facebook and LinkedIn, or any other public …

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How to Setup a Secure Email Address That's Safe from Day One

How to Setup a Secure Email Address That's Safe from Day One...

In the online world, privacy has become a privilege. We're communicating sophisticated information via email that is almost open for the whole world…

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Step by step Guide on How to Block Spam Email on Outlook Gmail Yahoo & Apple Mail 2

Step-by-step Guide on How to Block Spam Email on Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo & Apple Mail

Receiving loads of spam and unwanted emails can overwhelm email users in many different ways. Firstly, they clutter your inbox. Second, junk emails …

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Unsubscribing caused me to get more spam and be targetted by more hackers

Be very careful of the ‘unsubscribe’ button

Be very careful clicking the “Unsubscribe” button/link - here's why! Then HOW CAN YOU STOP SPAM EMAILS? “Surprisingly, it isn't safe to …

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At What Age Should a Child Have Their First Email Address?

At What Age Should a Child Have Their First Email Address?

As a parent, you should ensure your child's online safety with just as much scrutiny and priority as their offline safety. In today's world, having …

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